Maglite 3C Cell ML50L RED LED Flashlight Made in USA


Maglite's third-generation ;ML50L 3-Cell C LED Flashlight ;has been given an upgrade over previous iterations with higher output and longer runtimes thanks to a more efficient and powerful LED emitter. The ML50L has a minimum output of 20 lumens, which is ideal for performing tasks such as reading and digging through a pack or kitchen drawer, and a maximum of 611 lumens for navigating and illuminating large areas. They maintained their iconic form factor and focusable beam, while giving the light three outputs plus a strobe for signaling, along with momentary activation.

In an effort to limit excessive button pressing and confusing sequences, the light is engineered with four selectable """"function sets."""" Each set has a specific usage in mind, and each has a different set of three pre-programmed outputs. The function sets are described as: General, Outdoor, Law Enforcement, and Tactical. Built for durability, the aluminum housing has a scratch- and corrosion-resistant anodized finish and is O-ring sealed for a weather-resistant IPX4 rating. Its diamond-textured handle provides a sure, slip-resistant grip in cold or wet weather. Weighing in at 16 oz, with the three user-supplied C-cell batteries, the ML50L is a reliable light that won't weigh you down.

Key Features

  • 20 / 105 / 611 Lumens
  • One White LED Emitter
  • 12 Flash/Second Strobe Mode
  • Focusable Beam from Flood to Spot


  • Eco: 20 lumens
  • Low: 105 lumens
  • High: 611 lumens
  • White LED emitter
  • Emergency strobe signal mode: 12 flashes/second
  • Rapidly focusable beam: Flood to spot light within 1/4 turn


  • Type: 2-stage push button
  • Location: Handle
  • Momentary and constant-on modes
  • One button to control on/off and output selection
  • Four preset function sets for customized uses:
    • General: Full power, Low power, Eco
    • Outdoor: Full power, Low power, Strobe
    • Law Enforcement: Momentary, Full power, Eco
    • Tactical: Momentary, Full power, Strobe


  • Durable and lightweight aluminum housing
  • Corrosion- and scratch-resistant anodized finish
  • IPX4 rated water resistant
  • Impact resistant to 3.3'
  • Diamond-textured slip-resistant grip
  • Runs on three user-supplied C-cell batteries