Marcato Marga Mulino Grain Mill

Marcato's Margo Mulino Grain Mill is an exceptional tool for preparing cereal flakes and grinding flour in mere minutes.

It can grind and flake soft wheat grains such as oat, barley and rye as well as harder and durum-wheat based grains such as summer and winter wheats, spelt, kamut, rice and buckwheat.

The Margo Mulino uses three rollers that roate at different speeds. The rollers can be powered either manually by the handle provided or with the Maracto Atlas Pasta Machine Motor Attachment, available as a separate purchase from us.

The type of processing is determined by the distance between the rollers, which you can change using the adjustment knobs for flakes with different flake cuts and flour.

This machine is made from chromed steel with anodised aluminium alloy rollers to provide pure and wholesome flakes and flours.

The only compact machine on the market that allows you to create your own breakfast flakes, flours and more all in the comfort of your home.

Measures 46cm x 48cm x 19cm

Manual included with recipes and instructions