Marital Bliss Chocolate

MARITAL BLISS CHOCOLATE A healthy marriage consists of love, support, trust and an equal playing field. Doesn't it? Fair and reasonable dividing preferences based on movie choices and never taking over half of the bed blanket. Chocolate is a whole different bonbon ball game. When it comes to confectionery treats, shouldn't we live by the mantra 'happy wife; happy life'. You may be part of a balanced partnership but in matters of the stomach, love shows no mercy and neither will your appetite. Women take the lead on this one, sorry boys! This marriage equality chocolate bar claims we are 50/50 in rights and responsibilities but your personal ball and chain is only allocated enough to suffice one mouthful. It's the way the world ought to be!


  • Want marital bliss or just a way to taunt your spouse?
  • Embrace and then consume marital chocolate


  • **Dimensions:**15.5 cm (L) x 7.5 cm (W) x 1 cm (H)
  • 100 gms Premium Milk Chocolate
  • 30% cocoa
  • Store in a cool dry place