MasterPro Multi Cooker 12 in 1

Sous vide and pressure cook even in your smaller home kitchen using the 12-in-1 MasterPro Multi Cooker. With 12 cooking programmes to choose from, you can make a quick saute for dinner and have slow-cooked barbecue ribs on the weekend. It even comes with a handy temperature control and timer so you can let the cooker prepare any of your delicious recipes while you are busy cleaning up. Make the MasterPro Multi Cooker your go-to kitchen partner and delight your family with a new dish every meal time. Cook like a pro

Construction Stainless steel and plastic
Capacity 6L
Dimensions 34.5cm x 31cm x 32.5cm
Voltage 220 to 240V
Wattage 1000W
Cleaning and care Handwash the inner pot, steam rack, rice paddle, and soup spoonRemove the rubber and liner from the lid before handwashingWipe the unit exterior clean with a damp cloth
Warranty 12 months