Maxkon 40W Electric Bug Zapper Insect Killer

The electric zapper is the perfect chemical-free pest control alternative, safe to use in every indoor setting with a heavy flying pest infestation problem. Coming with two replaceable 20w ultraviolet bulbs with a shelf life of 8000 hours, the bug zapper will be highly attractive to insert and kill them once they touch the extremely high-voltage metal grid. The insect zapper requires no maintenance other than keeping its collection tray clean. Stop exposing your family and your self to harmful chemicals. Get yours today.

  1. EFFECTIVE FLY & INSECT CONTROL - The MAXKON Bug Zapper features two high intensity 20w ultraviolet bulbs that attracts all pesky flying insects into the device and get them killed once they make contact with an extremely powerful high voltage metal grid. Get rid of all flying insects and bugs!
  2. SAFE & CLEAN - The removable plastic tray at the bottom of the unit collects dead insect, and is washable, making maintenance fast and simple.
  3. POWERFUL & LARGE AREA COVERAGE - Designed to spread light in all four directions, thus being extremely effective for a large area up to 150 square meters! Perfect for home, office, kitchens, restaurants, schools, hospitals or commercial and industrial use. Protects and prevents against annoying and disease-carrying flies and insects!
  4. SAFE - A mesh screen protects you and your family, preventing accidental contact with the electrical grid.



How Does This Insect Killer Work?

It utilizes the UV-A tube to attract insects and kill them upon touching the high voltage inner grid.


WHY I Need This Insect Killer?

  1. Protect your family from diseases. Flying insect carry various types of disease, presenting a major threat to human and pets health
  2. You can enjoy your time without being bothered by those annoying insects!
  3. Provide your customers and staffs a comfortable business environment with his electronic bugs killer.

Overall, the indoor and outdoor insect killer gives an environmental-friendly strategy for getting rid of mosquitoes from outdoor and your indoor parlor. This zapper contains extraordinarily successful UV (Ultraviolet) lights that attract mosquitoes and diverse dreadful little creatures. It's a perfect solution again mosquitoes and other insects in summer.



- Install the Insect Killer by attaching the metal hanging chain to the hooks on top of the unit, or set it on a hard surface

- Attach the removable, washable plastic tray to the bottom of the unit.

- Turn on the device, and eliminate bugs from your home.

- When the tray becomes dirty, switch off the device, remove the tray, dispose of insects, wash, dry, and put it back.




Steel + ABS Fireproof Plastic

Coverage Area



40 Watts


2 * 20-watt UV bulbs (replaceable)

Tube Style


Average shelf life of tube

8000 hours

Cord Length


Metal Chain Length


Product Size

70cm x 10cm x 25cm



Package Content

Bug Zapper x1

Metal Hanging Chain x1

Free Replacement Tube x2

Instruction Book x1

Maxkon 40W Electric Bug Zapper Insect Killer


Marketplace - Leaves warehouse in 2 business days
Marketplace - Leaves warehouse in 2 business days
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