Maxkon Food Vacuum Sealer Packing Machine Dry Wet Food Storage with Free Bags

Lock the freshness of food for up to 8 times longer with this Maxkon vacuum sealer. In the oxygen free and moisture proof environment, it is easier for food to retain its flavour and shape for a long time.


The vacuum sealer has a suction power of 80kPa, strong enough to reduce the vacuum time to 8 to 12 seconds, and creates a 3mm-wide sealing strip for the utmost leakage protection. You can apply the sealing machine to a pack wide range of food from wet food to dry food no matter in bags, canisters, bowls or wine stoppers, as accessories such as an exhaust hose are included. The sealing slot as wide as 30cm can support sealing several small bags at the same time. With LED control bar, it is a breeze to start or stop the vacuum with a simple touch or press.


Besides, the vacuum packing machine features an impressive quality. The compact construction made of premium metal makes it a stylish piece in the kitchen. Working silently producing noise 30 % lower than other vacuum sealers, and with fast heat dissipation and automatic overheat protection, our food sealer gives you peace of mind upon its work performance.


Highlights also include built-in cutter and bag storage for handy convenience, as well as sealing bags and rolls. Now it's time for you to enjoy the convenience of storing food with our food vacuum sealer.

  • KEEP FOOD FRESH: through deoxygenation, vacuum sealing method help lock the freshness of food, effectively preventing them from going bad by damaging the growth environment for bacteria.
  • STRONG & QUICK SUCTION: The suction power goes up to 80kPa, taking only 8-12 seconds
  • DRY & WET FOOD STORAGE: ; A wide range of food type including dry and moist food can be well sealed as "Dry" and "Moist" mode available. The food sealer also works perfectly on vacuum canister, marinate bowl and wine bottle stoppers. (Helpful accessories are included)
  • EXCELLENT SEALING: the sealing strip comes out 3mm wide for the best leakage protection
  • 30CM-WIDE SEALING SLOT: The sealing machine can deal with multiple packages at the same time
  • HIGHLY DURABLE: Fast heat dissipation & automatic overheat protection are included.
  • NOISELESS: 30% lower noisy than other vacuum sealers.
  • SOLID QUALITY: The metal construction makes it a stylish and easy-clean kitchen essential
  • SIMPLE OPERATION: It needs only one press to start and stop on the LED control bar.
  • BUILT-IN CUTTER & STORAGE: The sealer comes with built-in cutter and storage room for vacuum sealer bag for your utmost convenience
  • PROFESSIONAL STARTER KITS: All accessories are included for your need, including sealing bags and pumping hose.

Rated Voltage


Vacuum Power

80 kPa

Vacuum Display

Green/dry, red/wet

Product Dimensions

402mm x 161mm x 83mm

Vacuum Display

green/dry, red/wet

Sealing Time

8-12 Seconds

VAC / Sealing Time

10-12 Seconds


1.5 kg