Medium Aquarium African Cichlid Catfish Egg Tumbler Incubator Flow Adjustable x3

Cichlid Egg Tumblers Medium 1XCichlid Tumblers are used to artificially hatch aquarium eggs. They are often used by African Cichlid and Catfish breeders through out the world.....


In order to assist in hatching fish eggs, breeders and hobbyists a like use egg tumblers. These tumblers gently move the egg in a confined environment letting fresh tank water pass the eggs continuously and protecting them from other fish. The Aquaholics tumblers come with air line air stone and air tap so that you can control the flow of water past the eggs. We have designed these to be strong and durable and aquarium safe. The sponge on the bottom of the tumbler functions as a pre-filter to make sure that no coarse debris gets stuck in the egg cham