Melbourne Storm NRL 2020 Premiers Premiership 3 Logo Decals Stickers


Melbourne Storm NRL 3 Logo Decals.

The Decals Sheet is an A5 sheet of various sized printed decals, 3 in total.

Made from genuine durable CLEAR car vinyl, the iTAG UV Logo is intended for light coloured (such as white) car painted metalic panels. However it can be applied to any smooth surface, such as glass (windows), fridges, Eskies and wheelie bins.

Because of the clear vinyl and that ink is translucent, it means the underlying surface colour will be seen through the decal, affecting the printed emblem image. Depending on the surface colour the sticker is applied too, this can create some amazing effects. Such as a tattoo effect, where the panel colour and the sticker image are a few shades different.

The decals are easy to apply and are made of genuine outdoor vinyl. You can have professional results quickly and easily! It removes cleanly when removed within 6 months after installation. For the clear vinyl stickers such as this product, we recommend applying the stickers with a slight spray of some water.

You can stick them on:

  • Vehicle painted panels
  • Toolboxes, fridges and eskies,
  • School books and laptops, filing cabinets,
  • Other personal and home items, OR ANY SMOOTH SURFACE!

Of the 3 stickers on the sheet, one is a bumper sticker size of 165mm x 64mm. The other two stickers are smaller, one being 67mm x 86mm and the other 67mm x 76mm.

Each sticker is easy to apply. Applying to a slightly wet surface does allow air bubbles to be squeezed out with your thumb easily.

Please note, we recommend that you do not apply the iTAG sticker on a horizontal surface or near heat sources, such as car panels near exhausts and the bonnet of your car as it is too close to the engine.

Disclaimer: The colours of the product on your computer screen may not be the colours of the actual product due to computer screen differences.

This is an NRL liceneced product.

Melbourne Storm NRL 2020 Premiers Premiership 3 Logo Decals Stickers


Marketplace - Leaves warehouse in 2 business days
Marketplace - Leaves warehouse in 2 business days
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