Memory Foam Acupressure Pillow- Winner Best in Europe 2018, 2019, 2020


Anti Aging Euro Mat White Lotus Pillow for Acupressure – High Quality Acupressure Pillow - Unique Pillow hand-made in Europe under EU standards with Memory Foam, No Glue, No Allergenic Dyes. CREATED BY ACUPUNCTURISTS TO BE EFFICIENT

The White Lotus Acupressure mat which accompanies this pillow has just won Best Acupressure mat 2016, 2017 & 2018 and 2019, 2020 on Kaufberater

These awards are well known in Germany and are similar to Choice Magazine product reviews. Amongst other things the mats were judged on quality of materials, design of the plastic spikes and after sales customer service.

Learn more about the award winning <a href="">White Lotus Acupressure mat</a> and theAcupressure Mat and Pillow set.

•MORE EFFECT – The acupressure pillow has almost 2’000 spikes on its surface. Specifically created to raise endorphins to improve your energy levels, stress, poor sleeping, tense muscles, head/neck aches and pain.

•BIGGER - Made to fit European body standards so it has a better coverage for your head for better effect. The Acupuncture pillow is 28 x 24 cm

•SAFER - Spikes made from food grade plastic not sun sensitive ABS plastic. No glue is used in the attachment of the spikes eliminating all potential poisons. Non-allergenic dyes are used to dye cotton.

•MORE COMFORTABLE - The only acupressure pillow that was created with our memory foam to better adjust to the individual contours of your neck and head.

•MORE ETHICAL - 100% of the European materials.

Euro Acupressure Pillow is the first acupressure pillow designed specifically for European customer and made completely in the EU from local materials and meets strict EU standards. EU quality standards are different from Asian standards for acupuncture pillows. This is the only acupuncture pillow that has memory foam to fir your neck and head body contours in a better way.Pillow spikes are made from plastic of the food grade, instead of ABS plastics that can use the toxic glues to fix them to the cotton.

This accupressure mat was designed originally in the 70’s in Russia after extensive research. And it was used for a large spectrum of illnesses and conditions. Studies show that it is effective due to regulation of the body endorphins. It can be used at home to simply and effectively improve all aspects of your life.

Benefits of the Acupressure Mat and acupressure pillow include regulation of endorphins released to raise energy levels, lessen stress, poor sleeping, tense muscles, or rid you of shoulder, neck, and head aches (1,2).

Technical specifications of the pillow: pillow size- 28cm x 24cm. It is larger than its competitors to meet European physique standards. Contains 1994 spikes made from certified food grade plastic. Cheap acupressure pillows are usually produced from ABS plastics potentially toxic, sensitive to sunlight and attached using glue. Glue-free. No toxic glues are used to glue the plastic to the mat. Its unique fabric cover is attached to the pillow for easy storage. High-grade viscoelastic memory foam is used to better meet your unique build structure. 100% cotton is used. Both pillow and mat are made in Europe from local materials to reach the highest quality. Cotton fabric is dyed using Non-allergenic dyes. This Pillow can be used with the Euro Mat Acupressure mat. Also see our Euro Mat acupressure mat and pillow set! THE ONLY ACUPUNCTURE MAT & PILLOW CREATED BY ACUPUNCTURISTS!

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Memory Foam Acupressure Pillow- Winner Best in Europe 2018, 2019, 2020


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Marketplace - Leaves warehouse in 1 business day
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