Mess Eaters: Monster Storage Bins - Green

Mess Eaters: Monster Storage Bins - Green

Looking for storage facilities that arent just four walls and a boring lid?

Bring a little life into any bedroom with this Mess Eater - a practical and playful storage facility from Pkolino. Youngsters will love getting involved in keeping their rooms tidy as they feed their bright green monster all their clutter perfect storage for toys, blocks, books and more:

  • There is room for all your toddlers clutter in this spacious bin
  • Easily-accessible for little bodies and full of intrigue for young imaginations
  • Move this Mess Eater around the room or house with ease thanks to the two arm-like rope handles
  • Also available in blue and green why not start a whole collection?
  • Made from durable polyester and cotton and sure to last for years
  • Independently Tested for durability, toxicity, mechanical safety, regulatory standards, use and abuse and age grading


DIMENSIONS: 29.85 x 21.59 x 53.34 cm

WEIGHT: 0.41 kg