Micro Rocket Launcher | 4M Kidz Labs

Guaranteed blasts and laughs with this awesome pocket rocket! Just add vinegar and baking soda, and the countdown begins. 3...2...1...BLAST OFF! Watch it hurtle high into the sky just like a real rocket, powered by a build-up of carbon dioxide gas in the launch pad. Being a rocket scientist is just the best.

What you get
Micro Rocket, by 4M Kidz Labs - Fun Science Products. Colours may vary.

How does it work
A chemical reaction takes place when the vinegar is mixed with the baking soda. The acidic vinegar reacts with the alkaline baking soda to produce carbon dioxide. There is no place for the carbon dioxide to escape inside the launch pad. The pressure builds up and eventually it gets so great that the launch pad propels the rocket high up into the sky.

Teach your kids about...

  • Chemical reactions
  • Air pressure
  • Rockets
  • Forces

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD - Small Parts. Not for children under 3 years.
WARNING: Do not aim at eyes or face, or people or pets. Never watch the rocket launch from above.

Age: 5+ with adult supervision