Mighty Jaxx Hidden Dissectibles Figures Sesame Street Blind Box

Based in Singapore, Mighty Jaxx is an award winning design studio specialising in developing art collectibles. Since their inception in 2012, they have produced over a thousand designs for collectors all around the world whilst collaborating with world renowned artists on the limited edition collectibles.

Introducing Freeny’s Hidden Dissectibles: Sesame Street!

Say hello to your favourite Sesame Street characters in a fun blind box series! The blind box collection features 6 different characters and 4 hidden variants. From Cookie Monster to Elmo, to Count Von Count and Big Bird, not forgetting the good pals Bert and Ernie; your favourite Sesame Street characters are all here! A Blind Box is a type of packaging that keeps its contents hidden. They are identical in every way and nobody - including us - knows which toy is inside. Who will you get?

Product Details:

  • 4" (10cm) Vinyl Art Toy (Blind box)
  • Each piece Individually packed in printed box
  • Artist - JASON FREENY

*Sold individually - Please note product is packaged in a blind box and selected at random. Specific designs cannot be requested, and you may receive duplicates when ordering more than one item. This product is a limited edition, free shipping and discount codes do not apply.