Mil-Tec Anti-Bacterial Cushioned Insoles – Unisex

*Note* Listing is for a pair

Are your old insoles a bit knackered or simply uncomfortable? These Mil-Tec insoles are here to give your footwear a new lease of life and comfort.

Made from three separate layers of polyester and POLIYOU® open cell foam they will let your feet breathe. To keep your feet comfortable while on the march they also have air cushion padding around the heel. ;They also have a anti-bacteria lining to help protect your feet. These won't mind getting stuck in mud any time soon as they are washable and quick drying. Perfect for all walks of life from sportsman out in the field or your everyday town wear.


  • Fast drying
  • Anti bacteria treated
  • Washable and breathable
  • Comfortable air cushion padding


**Sizing: ;**UK shoe sizes are the same as NZ/AU. ; **Content: ;**Top and bottom layer 100% polyester - mid layer made from POLIYOU® open cell foam **Weight: ;**65g Colour: ;Silver top and black bottom
Condition: ;New