Mini Vacuum Cleaner Accessory Tool Kit for Dyson V6, DC29, DC39 and more

Turbo Head for Miele Vacuum Cleaners Improver the performance of your Miele vacuum cleaner with this exceptional quality Turbohead attachment, and save big in the process! This turbo tool will spins faster than other turbo heads and pick up faster on both carpet and hard floors.
This turbo head is very effective on picking up dog hair, cat hair or general pet hair. Its also very effective for picking up human hair and is easy to clean if some long hair gets wrapped around the roller brush.

Effective on both carpet and hard floor Most turbo heads are just designed for cleaning carpets, our Miele turbo head is suitable for all surfaces including tiles, vinyl, wood floor, and long and short pile carpet.
The wheels enable it to glide easily and the rubber in the front prevents flicking of dust
The fast spinning brushes are powered by the suction of your vacuum cleaner and do not require any electrical connection to spin.

Ideal for your Cat & Dog Miele vacuum This turbo head fits all the miele Cat & Dog models and will not disappoint with its ability to pick up pet hair

Comes with 30 day satisfaction guarantee

Common Models:
S241 - S256i
S290 - S299
S300 - S399
S600 - S658
S800 - S858

S2000 - S2999
S4000 - S4999
S6000 - S6999
S8000 - 8999
S2, S4, S5, S6, S8
Compact C2
Compact C1
Complete C2 all models including cat and dog
Complete C3 all models including cat and dog

A more comprehensive list (not all models displayed)

S247, S247i, S247i Arctic White, S248, S248i, S251, S251i-1, S255, S255i, S256, S256i SEB 217-2, S217, Black Diamond, S291, S291-2

S301, S311, S311i, S311i-1, S312, S312i Festival, S312, S312i Tri-Colour, S316 Cat Dog, S318 MediVac, S318
S324, S326, S326i, S326i Cat & Dog, S336, S344, S381, S381i, S386

S511, S511i, S511i-1, S512, S512i, S512i Salsa, S512-1, S514 Solaris, S514 Parketto, S516 Cat & Dog, S524 Deluxe, S524 Mercury
S524 Crystal, S528 Filtration Guard, S538 Monte Verde, S544 Aluminium, S558 Silver Moon, S558 Red Velvet, S571, S571-1

S700 Cat & Dog, S700 MedicAir, S700-1 Cat & Dog, S712/1, S718, S718-1, S726 Cat & Dog, S748, S758, S758 +

S4210 Comfort, S4210 Carina, S4210 Capella S4211, S4211 Parquet, S4212 Duoflex, S4212 Polaris, S4212 Neptune S4281 BabyCare, S4282 Eclipse, S4510 Premium, S4582 CleanAir, S4780 Deluxe, S4780 Orion,S4782 Deluxe, S4812 Hybrid

S6210, S6220, S6230, S6240, S6250, S6260, S6270, S6280, S6290
S6310, S6320, S6330, S6350, S6390
S6710, S6730, S6760, S6780

Mini Vacuum Cleaner Accessory Tool Kit for Dyson V6, DC29, DC39 and more

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