Mitsubishi MSZAP35VGKIT 3.5kW Split System Air Conditioner

Living up to its reputation Mitsubishi MSZAP35VGKIT split System Air Conditioner proves to be one of the most efficient appliances. With an energy rating of 3.5 stars, it consumes a lot less energy and still delivers a powerful performance. The efficient air conditioner contains R32 refrigerant which aids in increasing efficiency and is gentler on the environment as well. Producing sound as low as 18dB, the extremely silent functioning of this air conditioner lets the users get optimum rest every time with no disturbance. Featuring a brilliant white finish and a sturdy stainless-steel body, the MSZAP35VGD reverse cycle air conditioner gives a long-lasting use. The overall safety is increased by the introduction of a new dual barrier coating which protects internal integral parts of the unit from dirt and dust. Over-All airflow is ensured by the horizontal and vertical vanes of the air conditioner. The smart cooling appliance can be controlled using a simple remote-controlled system or using Wi-Fi connectivity via smartphones.