Mitty - Chrome Pigment Powder Emerald kit

SUPER CHROME has arrived. The most amazing powder EVER. The shiniest, the brighest, the biggest BLING. You will be totally blown away by the results. Its quite possible these powders could be the best powders in the GALAXY, even the UNIVERSE.
We cannot control our excitement with these powders, get yours quick, you won’t be disappointed…Promise

1 Please ensure you have 100% prepared your nails for Pure Gel Polish Application. We recommend applying a Gel Base Coat, PH bonder & Gel Primer before applying any Gel Polish. (as a minimum use the cleaning kit included)
2 Now apply a very thin layer of the gel polish included with this kit. Ensure its very thin. Cure for 60 seconds or 2 lamp cycles if using a Mitty mini LED Lamp. Repeat this step again for a second layer.
3 For the pigment powder to adhere onto your nails and be mega shiny we need to apply Mitty Non-Wipe Top Coat. Apply a very thin layer and cure for 30 seconds.
4 Now dip the applicator into your Chrome Pigment powder, using a generous amount. Using the pink side to apply. Rub the pigment onto the desired area of your nail. You can rub quite hard. You need to feel the pigment adhering to your nail.
5 Now using the white side of the applicator, buff the pigment into your nails, see how unbelievably shiny it becomes.
6 Now using a dusting brush or Mitty Design Pro Fan-cy brush wipe, brush your nails. There is hidden pigment on your nail that needs to be brushed away so it doesn’t ruin the shine.
7 Last step. It’s super important to apply a sealing top Coat. Apply a thin coat of Mitty Non-Wipe top coat and cure for 60 seconds or 2 Mitty lamp cycles, ensuring you cap the end of your nail.

*Please note curing time may differ depending on your lamp
*Mitty polishes are pure polishes and require very thin layers
*Mitty pigments are 100% tested by over 2000+ salons. if you don’t get shine you have’nt followed our instructions correctly.
*Good nail preparation is vital to successful application of Gel Polish, otherwise you may experience lifting or peeling of the gel polish. Take a little time & care and your Mitty mani can last for up to 5 weeks.

Each Chrome Pigment Powder kit contains:
1x Mitty Pure Gel Polish 10ml
1x Mitty Non-Wipe Top Coat 10ml
1x 0.5g of Chrome Pigment powder
2x Soft easy to use applicators
1x handy resealable pouch, so you can store your powder in the draw and it doesn’t spill.
1x Mini Nail Prep Kit.

100% Cruelty FREE, 100% Vegan.
Mitty is the #1 Australian Nailart Brand. 100% Australian owned

Mitty - Chrome Pigment Powder Emerald kit


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