Mitty - DIY Mani-Care Essentials

Ever Wondered how the salon makes your gel mani last longer? Mitty has the answer you need! You need PH Bonder, then Primer, then sealed with Mitty Clear base coat. Follow our easy steps and your manicure can last 5-8 weeks.
Mitty Mani-Care Essentials kit contains:
1x Clear Base Coat 10ml
1x Mitty PH Bonder 10ml
1x Mitty Gel Primer 10ml
3x Mitty 100/100 Nail files
3x Mitty 180/180 Nail files

PH Bonder:
Mitty PH bonder is to be used as a nail prep product. It is an essential part of the Mitty Gel Polish System. It is brushed on to prepare and dehydrate the natural nail prior to using any base coat, acrylic, gel, Polygel, nail adhesive, tip application or nail strengthener. It facilitates better adhesion of all nail products, as it removes any dust and oils from the nail plate surface. This products dries in air.

Gel Primer:
Mitty Gel Primer also acts as a bonder, but in a different way to PH Bonder. Mitty Gel Primer prepares the nail by preparing the nail surface.
Mitty Gel primer will chemically etch the surface of your nail assisting your chosen enhancement to bond better to your nail and stop your enhancement from lifting off your nail bed. This products is specifically designed to be used with gel products and dries in air.

Clear Base Coat:
Mitty Clear Base Coat protects your natural nails from damage and discoloration and ensures long lasting wear of Mitty Pure Gel Polishes. Brush the base coat on and cure for 60 secs. Curing time may vary depending on your lamp.

Handy hint to long lasting manicures:

  1. Push your cuticle back with a cuticle pusher (We recommend a bamboo one)
  2. Gently file your nail in one direction
  3. Clean your nail with alcohol or pure acetone, remove all dust & dirt
  4. Apply Mitty PH Bonder, let dry (it air drys)
  5. Apply Mitty Gel Primer, let dry (it air drys)
  6. Apply Mitty Clear base coat and cure for 60 seconds

PLEASE NOTE: Curing time may differ depending on the voltage of your nail art lamp.
Mitty recommends our 54W Cordless LED/UV lamp for best results.

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