Mitty - Gel Polish & Bling Kit - Be Gold

Get the hottest latest on trend looks with Mitty Gel Polish & Bling kit. Beautiful soft Nude & mega bling with Mitty Glitter polish. Then an even more amazing feature nail with Mitty Shattered Pigment powder.

Our specially developed Pure Gel Polish formula assures long lasting wear and high-gloss shine that resists fading, chipping and colour changes over time. This soak-off gel polish can be applied as a two or three step system and will cure with 2 Mitty lamp cycles.

This kit contains:

1x Mitty Pure Gel Colour Polish 10ml – Be Mine

1x Mitty Pure Gel Glitter Polish 10ml – Golden Goddess

1x Mitty Clear Base Coat 10ml

1x Mitty Non-Wipe Gloss Top Coat 10ml

1x Mitty Shattered Sands Pigment powder pot

1x Mitty Mini 6W ultra portable LED lamp (Dimensions 11cm Length, 5.5cm Width, 4.5cm Height)


  1. Please ensure you have completed 100% nail preparation of your nails before applying Mitty Gel Polish
  2. Apply a thin layer of Mitty Pure Gel Polish ensuring you don't get any on your cuticle or skin around your nail. Cure for 2 Lamp cycles.
  3. Repeat step 2
  4. Using the applicator with the shattered Sands Pigment. Apply with the pink side of the applicator as much as you desire.
  5. Apply a thin layer of Mitty Non-Wipe Top Coat and make sure you cover the end of you nail. Ensure you don't get any on your cuticle or skin around your nail. Cure for 2 Lamp cycles. ;

**PLEASE NOTE:**Even after you have cured the Gel polish it will still feel sticky/Tacky. This is ok, all Gel Polishes do this.

**PLEASE NOTE:**Curing time may differ depending on the wattage of your lamp

**PLEASE NOTE:**Mitty polishes are pure gel polish. A thin layer is recommended. Also it is important to ensure proper nail preparation is done to avoid peeling & lifting of the polish with all manicures.

Cruelty FREE, 100% Vegan.
Mitty is the #1 Australian Nailart Brand. 100% Australian owned