Mitty - Nail Art Brush Kit - Rainbow of Brushes

Mitty Rainbow of Brushes Pack:

You’ve seen Mitty nail art brushes, you’ve seen the reviews by some of the biggest Instagram and YouTube channels out there. Mitty brushes has been a huge success hit of Instagram and YouTube. Mitty is super excited to introduce our Rainbow of Brushes Pack, possibly the best quality brushes available. Mitty brushes have the reputation of premium quality, and these brushes deliver. If you want to do detailed nail art designs, apply powders and clean up afterwards like super easy, you need a Mitty Rainbow of Brushes pack. You save over 30% compared to purchasing the brushes separately.

Each Mitty Rainbow of Brushes Pack contains:

1x Mitty Detail Brush Peachy #000

1x Mitty Detail Brush Candy #00

1x Mitty Detail Brush Minty #0

1x Mitty Detail Brush Daisy #1.0

1x Mitty Design Pro Sculpt-Me

1x Mitty I’m Fantastic Fan Brush

1x Mitty Clean Pro Angular

1x Mitty Clean Pro Flat

1x Mitty Colour POP Mess Resistant pouch

1x Mitty Little Dots dotting tool

Cleaning your Mitty brushes:
The premium quality bristles can be easily cleaned with gentle non-acetone nail polish remover.
Always clean your brush immediately after use. (So don’t let the polish dry…OK)
We recommend the use of non-acetone polish only.
Cruelty FREE, 100% Vegan.

Mitty is the #1 Australian Nailart Brand. 100% Australian owned