Mobilo Construction Toy - Large Bucket 234 Pcs

Boost your child's imagination with Mobilo Construction Toys.

Safe, high-quality plastics and food-safe colours made in Germany. All plastics are fully recyclable.

The Large bucket contains: 2 Connector pks (156 pcs - each wheel set = 3 pcs); 3 Geometric pk (78 pcs); and a leaflet

Here is how Mobilo describes it's manufacturing process: We exclusively use absolutely safe, high-quality plastics and food-safe colours. All plastics we employ are fully recyclable! At our Sulzburg location in the Black Forest [in Germany], our mobilo components are manufactured using mostly self-generated solar power. The service buildings are heated by the waste heat of the production machines. Sustainable production is an integral part of our philosophy – nearly all rejects are returned into the production cycle.