Mozzigear Mosquito Repeller


The Mosquito Repeller is a portable ultrasonic mosquito repellent that can be worn on the body or placed close by to help keep mosquitoes away. It has a range of up to 3 meters.

The ultrasonic Mosquito Repeller emits very fast and powerful 5-20 KHz multi-frequency sound waves that stun and cause discomfort for most mosquitoes, thereby causing them to move and stay away. Intelligent Health Solutions offers the Mosquito Repeller online for your convenience.

The benefits of this method:

Portable and compact. Simple, convenient and safe to use just wear on clothing or place near the body. An ultrasonic mosquito repellent is odourless and chemical free - ideal for people with sensitive skin. 3 meters coverage. 3 times settings (4hrs, 6hrs and 12 hrs). Replaceable battery. Non-harmful to pets.


Place the ultrasonic mosquito repllent on your person or close by to the area that you wish to be protected and set the timer as required.

1. Press the white button to select time setting of the Repeller.
2. Once for 4 hours (red light will appear)
3. Twice for 6 hours (green light will appear)
4. Three times for 12 hours (orange light will appear)
5. Fourth time to turn off the device.

Mozzigear Mosquito Repeller

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Marketplace - Leaves warehouse in 2 business days
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