Multi Grip Wall Mounted Chin Up Bar

Multi Grip Wall Mounted Chin Up Bar

Key Features:

- The wall mounted Chin Up Bar has a sturdy steel build, durable and long-lasting

- Multi Grip handles allow for more than 5 different grips, highly flexible

- Max load of 200 KG

- Wall mounted, extremely solid after installation

; ### Functions of the Chin Up Bar

This Nirvana Tech Wall Mounted Chin Up Bar is an ideal home gym equipment and can offer convenient workouts for arms and back muscles, especially with the multi-grip handles, you can use more than 5 different grips! The exercise options with wall mounted pull up bar are endless! The wall mounted chin-up bar is one of the most used piece of gym equipment in terms of body-weight fitness. It is highly functional in its ability to build upper body strength, endurance as well as stability in the core. Moreover, with the flexibility of having multiple grip handles, you can access even more workouts just by changing up your grip. Most importantly, wall mounted pull up bar are a relatively injury free exercise. recruiting many large muscle groups. The chin up can also function as a safe warm up exercise, before lifting heavier weights. ; The chin up is a very standard exercise that many organisations use as a measure of upper body strength. There are many different variations of the chin up, as listed here: - The regular chin up, with palms facing towards you - placing emphasis biceps and recruiting some chest muscles

- The pull up, with palms facing away - placing emphasis more on your traps and lats

- Wide and narrow grip pull ups

- Weighted pull ups - for even further progression

; ### Materials

The durable and strong steel used to make our product provides safe exercise options when doing chin ups. The professional installation details regarding the strength of our Multi Grip Wall Mounted Chin Up Bar are as follows:

Steel thickness: 1.5 mm

Assembled size: 8050120 cm

Max load: 200 KG

Net weight/gross weight: 9.5/11 KG


Multi Grip Wall Mounted Chin Up Bar


Marketplace - Leaves warehouse in 2 business days
Marketplace - Leaves warehouse in 2 business days
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