Multifunction Soft Close 2 in 1 Family Toilet Seat - European Design

Toilet Training is a key step to your child's independence. There comes a time when your child is too big for the potty and too small for the grownup toilet and a family toilet seat is a convenient solution to this problem. MUZT adult & child family toilet seat is made to accommodate both small and big bottoms all in one - your toddler will love to use this toilet seat like a grownup as it is packed with amazing features.

Product Features:

  • Made by the largest plastic toilet seat manufacturer in the world who produces for the world's leading bathroom brands for over 25 years.
  • Multifunction 2-in-1 toilet seat accommodates the needs of both adults and children. Child & adult seats - designed for toilet training.
  • Built-in child seat secures magnetically in cover when not in use.
  • Hygienic easy lift - lift up the toilet seat cover by lifting two tabs on the cover edge.
  • Soft close with tap of a finger - no more slamming and pinched fingers.
  • Durable and fatigue resistant Polypropylene material. This product has passed a close and open test 50,000 times.
  • Easy installation - Toilet Seat bolt passes the toilet pan and the nut is fastened by hand. Suitable for bottom fixing toilets.
  • Adjustable seat hinges to fit different pan sizes -fits majority of manufacturers’ bowls in Australia. Please ensure your toilet pan is within A, B & C point of measures of the chart above.
  • Free Standard Shipping - free standard shipping within Australia on any purchase.
  • MUZT Commitment - 12-month warranty plus statutory warranty.
Product Details:

Material - Polypropylene

Colour - White

Shape - Oval

Product Weight - 1.7kg

Seat Style - Soft Close Family (Child & Adult) Seat

Bottom Fixing Hinges - Toilet Seat bolt passes the toilet pan and the nut is fastened by hand.

Adjustable Fixing - Hinges can be adjusted from left to right, back and forth to fit different pan sizes.

Product Size (mm) - Length 434 mm to 490mm (Adjustable) x Width 383mm - Fits Hinge Holes Between 140mm to 180mm

Inside the Box

  • 1x Multifunction Soft Close Family Toilet Seat
  • Fitting parts
  • Installation Manual