Mums To Be TENS Labour Maternity Obstetric TENS Device Machine


Mums to be ;Tens Machine 4 in 1 ;is the latest and most technologically advanced Obstetric Labour TENS machine on the market. Designed for woman before, during and after childbirth, this machine is ideal for those ;intending to give birth without the use of epidural or other harmful drugs. This drug-free method of pain control during labour has been used by many during the last few years with encouraging results.

If you are ;worried about pain control drugs during labour then, Mums to be TENS is the way to go. ;It is effective, non-invasive, has no effect on the baby and, like any other TENS machine, without any side effects. However, it is not recommended to be used during pregnancy ;because there are insufficient clinical evidence to prove its safety during this stage. The machine comes with a ;booster button ;to give ;a boost of ;TENS stimulations during episodes of contractions. Once pain is subsided then normal stimulation can be recomenced by pressing the button again.

Mums to be TENS machine ;is dual channel so, you can use 4 large tens pads at once to achieve better pain control. We also provide you with an ;extra large pad (16x10cm) to use during labour. This specially designed pad will give good stimulation to the lower back without aggecting the spinal cord.

After child birth, this machine can also be used ; as a normal TENS machine by the whole family for general pain control or for getting back into shape. It comes with 12 pre-set programs ;specifically designed for use during ;labour and after delivery. ;

;Another great feature of the machine is that it is designed to be a pelvic muscle stimulator. With the ;optional ;vaginal probe, the machine can also ;be used as a pelvic floor exerciser to treat incontinence and other conditions. ;

Our recommendation is to purchase the machine 4-5 weeks before the due date to become familiar with the device. This way you will be ready to use it efficiently when you need it most. ;


Main Features

1. 12 Easy Programs to choose from during labour and after child birth.

2. 4 in 1 machine (Pain control, Labour pain, Pelvic muscle stimualtor, massager).

3. Back Light for easy night operation.

4. Booster button to increase stimulation/pain relief ;quickly.

5. Made by a reputable company.

6. Registered with ATGA 179580.


The Programs/Modes:

Mode 1: Maternity Mode..

Mode 2: Pelvic Floor Stimulation.

Mode 3 EMS Muscle Stimulator. ;

Mode 4: Tens Pain Relief.


Mode 1- Maternity Mode

Programs P1 & P2 are specially designed for the use in early and later stages of labour. The machine is fitted with a ;**booster button ;**and this function is operational with programs P1 & P2. This button is very effective during labour and is located on the right side of the machine. Simply press this button for stronger stimulation during episodes of pain. See pages 8-10 of the e-manual. ;

Mode 2- Pelvic Floor Stimulation ;

Programs P3 - P6 are designed for strengthing and conditioning of the pelvic floor when used the optional vaginal probe. See pages 11-15 of e-manual.

Mode 3 -EMS Stimulation Mode

Programs P7- P10 are specially designed for EMS muscle strengthening and muscle tonning. see pages 16-19 of e-manual.

Mode 4- Tens Pain Relief Mode

Programs P11- P12 General Pain Relief. ;

The Mums to be TENS & EMS Machine is very simple to use. Simply press ;the mode button to change the programs from 1-12. Every time the mode button is pressed the program goes up 1. Going back also easy. Just hold the mode button for 3 seconds and the machine will reset to P1.


What's included in the kit?

1. Mums to be labour tens machine.

2. 12 High quality Japanese gel pads (5x5 cm).

3. 1 Extra Large Butterfly Pad (16x10cm).

4. 2 electrode wires.

5. 1x Battery 9 volt.

6. Soft Carry/Storage bag.

7. Comprehensive and easy to follow 25 page ;e-manual. ;

8. Pad Placement Colour Charts.

9. Free Express, Next day delivery, Postage.



  • Check with your doctor before using this device or any other tens device.
  • Not recommended to be used during pregnancy unless prescribed by your doctor.
  • Never use this device if you have a pacemaker or any digital implant.
  • Check with your doctor if you have Epilepsy or Heart problems.
  • Keep away from children.
  • Do not attempt to modify the performance of this device.
  • Do not use faulty or damaged lead wires.

Mums To Be TENS Labour Maternity Obstetric TENS Device Machine

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