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My Little Pony - Twinkle Wish Adventure DVD (G)

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Once a year, Twinkle Wish, the Magical, Musical Wishing Star, grants every Pony in Ponyville one very special wish. But when one of the ponies, Scootaloo accidentally-on-purpose turns the Wishing Star into a Missing Star, Pinkie Pie and friends set out on an adventure to bring it back to Ponyville. But they have to hurry! If Twinkle Wish doesnt get placed on top of the Ever-Forever-Green Tree before sunset, no one will get their wish and the Winter Wishes Festival will be ruined! Along the way the Ponies brave a wild balloon-grounding wink storm, a sleepover in the kink-of-creepy forest, a lonely toy-stealing dragon, and one very nosy mayor. Join all your favourite My Little Ponies on their journey as they discover that friendship can make wishes come true.


  • My Little Pony: Twinkle Wish Adventure DVD
  • Running time: 71 minutes
  • Rating: G