Nailmatic : Pure Colour Nailpolish Prince - Purple Shimmer

Bring a touch of purple rain to your manicure with Nailmatic's bio-based, 10-free Prince inspired nail polish, complete with a regal dose of shimmer for a finish that shines under the spotlight. Pure Color nail polishes are 84% bio-based. But what does that mean? Nailmatic have replaced solvents derived from petrol or natural gas (yuck!) with plant-derived solvents (thats more like it!) from natural origin raw materials such as cotton, maize, potato, wheat and manioc. What about the remaining 16%? This allows the polish to retain its easy application, shine and hold with natural and/or organic pigments (depending on the shade), filmogenic agents and plasticizers. Its part of a necessary, controlled and accepted compromise. As a plus: our polishes are enriched with plant keratin and starflower oil to nourish nails. Features: *Bio-based nail polish *Smooth coverage with a high-shine finish *Long lasting finish with 5 days of intense co