NAIPO Tens Electric Pulse Massager with 4 Electrotherapy Pads Muscle Stimulator

Naipo tens unit is a natural, drug-free, and easy-to-use pain relief device. This electronic mini tens pulse massager is a simple device that delivers instant,powerful relief to those suffering from muscle, joint, and nerve pain. The electric pulse impulse is fully automatic, requiring only the click of a button before its electrodes deliver effective stimulation for your body's soreness, stiffness, and aches. Whether you are just recovering from an injury or suffer from chronic pain, our TENS pulse massager offers instant alleviation and relief in a portable, convenient package you can take anywhere.


Pain Relief ;- ;The advanced TENS ;unit muscle stimulator delivers low frequency current that will help relieve pains and tension on back, knees, shoulders, ankles, waist and joints.

Multi-functional ;- This muscle stimulator machine has 5 ;pre-programmed massage modes ;(Knocking, Acupuncture, Cupping, Tapping, Shiatsu-Kneading) ;and 16 intensity levels. Adjust ;massage ;time (5 minutes, 10 minutes, or 15 minutes) according to personal needs ;for optimum ;effect.

High Quality Pads ;- 4 adhesive gel pads can be easily adhered to ;knees, ankles, and wrists ;apart from conventional areas (back, arms, shoulders, thighs and more). After the ;pulse massage, simply place the pads ;on the pad holder for easy storage ;and long service life.

Portable & Versatile ;- The ;TENS ;machine is smaller and lighter to be carried anywhere, with the belt clip ;to enhance portability. ;LCD screen clearly displays ;setting ;information of ;therapy session: massage time, intensity, mode and more.

;- The ;TENS unit ;is ;FDA-approved for worry-free use, ensuring user safety as well as massage effect. ;For any problems related to this TENS massager, feel free to contact us.


  • 【Pain Relief 】-- The advanced tens unit muscle stimulator sends out multiple preset electrical therapeutic waves through the electrodes. Use for back, knee, shoulder, ankles, waist etc.People with back pain, arthritic or inflamed discs/ joints, shoulder tension and many more injuries and disabilities would benefit from the tens pulse relaxation and release of tension.
  • 【Multi Function】-- This muscle stimulator machine with 5 preprogrammed massage modes( Knocking, Acupuncture, Cupping, Tapping, Shiatsu-Kneading),16 levels of strength adjustable by increasing or decreasing steadily. This tens massager with adjustable timer (5 minutes, 10 minutes, or 15 minutes) allows the custom of the length of massage for best effect.
  • 【High Quality Pads】-- Our pulse massager pads are made of industry leading high quality gel, and could be reusable up to 60-80 times if properly used! These 4 adhesive gel pads can be easily placed around joints like knees, ankles, and wrists. After you finished pulse therapy , simply winding the pads on the premium pad holder for easy and scientific storage.
  • 【Portable & Versatile】-- Our tens machine is 50% smaller and lighter than other traditional electric pulse massagers on the market. With the included belt clip, you can attach it to your belt for a relaxed and comfortable walking.Comprehensive LCD display shares helpful information about your therapy session including treatment time, pulse speed, massage settings and more.
  • 【Certified Tens Machine】-- This transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation with safety certification for worry-free use. No worries about the troubles from taking medicine and having side effects.