Najee - You Me & Forever [CD]

Najee - You Me & Forever (CD NEW)

Label: Shanachie
Format: CD
Release Date: 23 Jun 2015

Brand New

Album Tracks

1. Air
2. Fly with the Wind
3. Wave W/ Robert Damper
4. Biggest Part of Me W/ Chuck Johnson
5. Signature W/ Frank McComb
6. Butterfly Girl
7. Give It All We've Got W/ Andrea Wallace
8. You, Me and Forever
9. Spectrum
10. Jannah W/ James Lloyd

You, Me And Forever is the highly anticipated follow up to Najee's much loved The Morning After which was #1 both on the Billboard chart and at Smooth Jazz radio!! As the title implies, the album represents Najee's exploration into the world of sensuality and romance, interspersed with some fantastic spirited grooves that have made Najee a favorite the world over. Featuring keyboard great Alex Bugnon.