Nandita Cupid Perfume Oil - Premium Body Fragrance Oil

Nandita Cupid Perfume Oil - 8ml Bottle

When you want love to fill your heart, invoke the God of love Cupid with this beautiful almost ephemeral perfume. It reminds one of first love, stolen kisses and surreptitious rendezvous. The perfume reminds of magical woods and mist covered moist ground with its smokey and woody notes. Agarwood is the predominant fragrance with hints of light and milky sandalwood violets and musk. Rub a little on to your body and let love and its bitter sweetness embrace you in its powerful embrace.

Nandita is one of the leading brands in the incense and perfume oil industry due to their unique fragrances. The brand Nandita originated in India and have a large following as they're experts at creating high grade incense and perfumes. Nandita have recently released a collection of concentrated perfume oils which can be used on the body as a perfume, in candles or diluted with water and used with oil burners. Nandita perfume oils are packaged in an attractive bottle and come with a stopper, dropper and a roll on option. Each bottle contains 8ml of perfume oil.