Nandita Peace Perfume Oil - Premium Body Fragrance Oil

Nandita Peace Perfume Oil - 8ml Bottle

The spicy blend of peace perfume from Nandita is a fragrance that helps to bring peace and tranquility around you. It is a perfume that helps to calm the mind and prepare it for meditation and contemplation. It has a refreshing smell of Mandarin orange mixed with pineapple and spicy ginger and heady musk. The base notes of Vetiver make it a very pleasing and cooling fragrance. Just a dab of this perfume on the skin is enough to calm your nerves down.

Nandita is one of the leading brands in the incense and perfume oil industry due to their unique fragrances. The brand Nandita originated in India and have a large following as they're experts at creating high grade incense and perfumes. Nandita have recently released a collection of concentrated perfume oils which can be used on the body as a perfume, in candles or diluted with water and used with oil burners. Nandita perfume oils are packaged in an attractive bottle and come with a stopper, dropper and a roll on option. Each bottle contains 8ml of perfume oil.