Natural Animal Solutions Calm Anti-Anxiety Treatment for Cats & Dogs 60 Tablets


Keep your pet relaxed when theyre feeling afraid, stressed or uneasy with the Australian-made Natural Animal Solutions Calm treatment! Does your dog get anxious and chew on their paws when youre away from home? Does your cat panic when they hear loud noises? Various situations can cause your pet to feel frightened, nervous or restless, and that can cause worry for you because you feel torn when you have to leave your loyal companion at home alone or feel helpless when you cant help them relieve their stress.

But, thanks to Natural Animal Solutions, we can share the remedy known as Calm to help you relieve your furry friends anxieties and fears! Whether youre going to the vet or need to keep your dog or cat at home by themselves, Calm is a natural, safe, and non-drowsy formula that you can use regularly to help relax your pet. It also has a tasty flavor that your animal friend will enjoy, so administering the solution wont be a hassle.

As a quick-acting formula, Calm works fast so you dont have to wait for the effects to settle in, especially when youre busy or in a rush.


  • Made from 100% natural, pharmaceutical-grade ingredients
  • Helps relax pets who are get anxious or stressed in certain situations and environments
  • Non-drowsy formula with rapid results
  • Tasty flavor pets love to make it easier for pet owners to use
  • Can be added to food or given orally
  • Suitable for cats, dogs, and small pets of any age
  • Made in Australia

Sizes Available:

30 tablets

60 tablets

Dosage and Directions:

Single use: Double dosage and administer 1 hour before event, 1/2 hour before event and again before even or leaving pet

Relax your pet during any stressful situation with the all-natural Calm solution from Natural Animal Solutions!