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Nature's Own Liquid Iron 300mL Bottle

Nature's Own Liquid Iron has been formulated to assist in maintaining normal blood levels required for energy production. The liquid formula also makes it easier to absorb compared to solid dosage forms.


  • Nature's Own Liquid Iron 300mL
  • Oral liquid formulation
  • Source of iron
  • Iron is necessary for the formation of haemoglobin which transports oxygen to the tissues
  • Blood tonic - can assist in maintaining normal blood
  • Iron is needed for activation of a key enzyme (aconitase) in energy production (Krebs cycle) from food metabolism
  • Iron is required for efficient energy production in both carbohydrate and fat (lipid) metabolism
  • To help maintain healthy brain function
  • Symptoms of inadequate iron intake may include (muscle) fatigue, headache, irritability, decreased general health and wellbeing
  • Iron absorption is reduced (about 60%) by tea and (about 40%) by coffee
  • Pregnant and lactating women require extra iron
  • Adequate iron intake during pregnancy (all trimesters) is important for normal foetal growth and development, pregnancy outcomes and maternal health
  • Inadequate iron intake may affect the functioning of the immune system
  • A vegetarian (ovo-lactovegetarian or vegan) diet may be associated with inadequate iron intake
  • Inadequate iron intake may be associated with restless legs
  • Iron supplementation may assist work capacity, endurance and tiredness levels in people who have inadequate iron intake
  • Inadequate iron intake is the most common nutritional problem in the world
  • No added yeast, gluten, lactose, artificial colours or flavours, artificial sweeteners, dairy or animal products or animal-derived products
  • ARTG No: 183535
  • Country of origin: N/A
  • Expiry Date: 30/06/2018

Active Ingredient:

  • Each 5mL contains ferrous gluconate dihydrate equiv. to elemental iron 7.5mg


  • Adults:
    • Take 10mL (2 metric teaspoons) daily or as recommended by your healthcare professional
  • Children from 4 years:
    • Take 5mL (1 metric teaspoon) daily or as recommended by your healthcare professional
  • Not recommended for children under 4 years of age
  • Can be taken alone or diluted with water or fruit juice
  • Refrigerate after opening and use within 60 days
  • Shake before use


  • Always read the label
  • Use only as directed
  • Vitamin supplements should not replace a balanced diet
  • If symptoms persist consult your healthcare professional
  • Not for the treatment of iron deficiency conditions
  • Contains naturally occuring sugars from fruit juice flavours
  • Contains sodium benzoate