Ned Beard Gift Pack Outback Oil & Fresh Wax Hair Barber Syling Mens


Ned The Fresh One Beard Wax 40g & Ned The Outback One Beard Oil 30ml

Treat yourself and your beard with the Ned Beard Wax and Beard Oil gift pack. Tame your unruly beard with the Ned The Fresh One Wax, and keep it smelling great. Nourish your beard with the Ned Outback Beard Oil, guaranteed to give your beard an amazing luster.


Ned The Fresh One Wax 40g

Following on from the original NED wax, this is the harder hold version dubbed "The Fresh One". This NED beard wax has a strong hold and tames the beard or moustache keeping it in place as well as smelling great. It's selected ingredients include citrus verbena and lime along with all the other goodness found in the original wax.

Ned Beard Oil; The Outback One 30ml

The Outback one is 20% thicker than the original NED Lavender one. It's formulation compliments a smooth shave. It's selected ingredients such as the eucalyptus and Bay Rum give it a spicy scent immediately nourishing and giving your beard an amazing luster.