Nested Bean Zen Swaddle - Original

Nested Bean Zen Swaddle - Original

Wrap your baby up in warm, snuggly softness!

Unique design creates gentle pressure that soothes bub! 

The only baby swaddle that mimics a mother's touch!

Swaddling is one of the most recommended (and proven) ways to calm and soothe young babies. It's also a technique that can reduce over-stimulation of baby's immature nervous system, leading to better sleep. The Zen swaddle is weighted to create gentle pressure that replicates the sensation of being held. Baby can enjoy the benefits of being cosy and comfortable while sleeping - and parents enjoy the confidence that comes from knowing baby is snug and secure.


  • The Zen Swaddle by Nested Bean
  • Design: Original
  • The only swaddle on the market that mimics a mother's touch
  • Lightly weighted to create gentle pressure that soothes bub 
  • Mums report baby sleeps up to two hours longer than with a traditional swaddle 
  • Swaddling recreates the comforting feeling of being in the womb
  • Easy to use design
  • Soft, secure and comfortable
  • Cannot be kicked off in the night
  • Adjustable to fit your growing baby
  • The perfect swaddle for Bub!
  • 100% cotton