New Electric Eco Panel Heater Wall Mount Ultra Slim Quiet & Paintable

Eco panel heaters use convection and radiant technology to draw cold air in and radiate warm air out, using less electricity than other room heaters.

Heat is mainly generated behind the heater in the space between the panel and the wall, which leads to an efficient up draught of heated air circulated into the room.

This latest version has an alloy outer casing instead of ceramic and is resistant to breakage and cracks.
It can be painted with suitable paint to match your home design.

Eco Panel Heaters are very economical, while other panel heaters can use up to 2000 watts, this eco panel heater only uses 400-450 watts.

Suitable for the bedroom, study, sitting room, office, etc.
Suitable for brick walls, masonry, plasterboard walls. Not suitable for walls with vinyl coverings.

Heater dimensions: 60cm x 60cm x 1.6cm approx. (excluding switch box on the back)


  • Convection & radiant heating - no fan noise
  • Illuminated main on / off switch
  • Ultra slim only 16mm thick (excluding switch box)
  • Low wattage energy efficient heating
  • Consistent heat ideal for bedrooms
  • Conforms to Australian standards with SAA approval
  • 240v AC operated, plug to power socket no hard wiring required
  • Suitable to heat up to 10 - 12 square metre room size

How long will it take to heat my room?
It will take approximately 15 minutes to reach its maximum surface temperature and approximately 45 minutes to heat your room.

How much warmer I can expect the room to get?
You can expect an ECO-heater to raise the temperature in a well insulated 100-120 square foot room approximately 10-15 degrees.
There are a lot of factors that contribute to the efficiency (i.e., windows, insulation, ceiling height, installation of unit, interior or exterior walls or a closed room).

For installation, what should the clearance be above the unit?
The most critical number is the location above the floor.
We recommend the unit be installed 10 to 50cm above the floor, with 20cm above the floor being the optimal height depending on the baseboard trim height.
The unit loses effectiveness when it is installed any higher than 50cm above the floor.
The power cord should not be hung across the back of the heater as this could block airflow behind the heater.

How close should furniture or objects be to the ECO-heater?
Underwriters Laboratories (UL) recommends keeping all combustible materials 3 feet (90cm) away from space heaters.

Brand new.
Sold with 1 year warranty.
Model: Ch-03 White

New Electric Eco Panel Heater Wall Mount Ultra Slim Quiet & Paintable

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15 October 2021

nice unit very suitable for our hallway good price quick delivery Catch never disappoints refunds if not satisfied thanks

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16 June 2020

If you're in a smallish room with closed doors, these are amazing. Really worth it.

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28 August 2021

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04 July 2021

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18 June 2021