New Zealand Warriors NRL ITag Midnight Sun Visor Sticker

New Zealand Warriors NRL Midnight Sun Visor Sticker. Midnight design - subtle and stylish for those who love their car. One Way Vision (patented by Clear Focus) . Ultimate in quality, craftsmanship and materials. Easy to apply, Professional Results. Suits most passenger cars. Reduces glare (akin to 50% tinting effect). Complies with Australian and New Zealand regulations when installed correctly. Laminated to protect design from fading, windscreen wipers and car washes. For application onto outside of front or rear windscreens - can be applied over rear windscreen brake lights. Made in Australia, Guaranteed 4 year fade resistance. This iTAG is made from one way vision film and is laminated to protect it and extend its life. Being generous in size, measuring 1350mm wide, the iTAG Strip will fit most vehicles and is ideally suited for low curved windscreens. It is simple to put onto your car, much like putting on a bumper sticker. Specially designed for windscreens, it meets the traffic regulations as required under Australian and New Zealand legislation if installed correctly. For front windscreens, it needs to be applied within the anti-glare tint area. This is a NRL endorsed product and earns cash for your team. So everybody wins.