no!no! ULTRA Buff Head

The no!no! Ultra Buff head is an attachment for the no!no! ULTRA that transforms your no!no! into an all inclusive beauty device that goes beyond hair removal treatments. The Ultra Buff gently rotates to buff off treated hair faster than traditional buffing post-treatment.

Attaching and Inserting UltraBuff Tip

  • Hold the Buffing Head Tip in one hand and a Buffing Disc in another.
  • Place the Buffing Disc securely on the Velcro portion of the Buffing Head.
  • Insert the Buffing Head onto the UltraClean Applicator Head with the arrow facing you.
  • Gently push into place until you hear a clicking sound.

Turning UltraBuff On/Off

  • Press the devices On/Off Button briefly until the Status Screen Appears.
  • If the UltraBuff is attached properly, all three Treatment Level Icons will flash in sequence.

Buff Away Treated Hair

  • Turn on the UltraBuff by pressing the treatment level button on your no!no! device.
  • Place the Buffing Disc on the treated area until the treated hair is removed from the skin. After buffing you may need to go back and treat hair left behind and repeat the buffing process.
  • If the UltraBuff will not rotate, apply less pressure.

Removing the UltraBuff Tip

  • Grasp the Applicator Head by both sides.
  • Gently pull the Applicator Head to detach from the unit.

After Using UltraBuff

  • You may use your favorite moisturizer with UltraBuff or use it dry.
  • If you desire to use it with a moisturizer, apply a small amount of the moisturizer directly to the Buffing Disc.

NOTE: If at any time your skin feels irritated STOP.

What's Included:

  • UltraBuff Head

*Only compatible with the no!no! ULTRA, sold separately.