No Weight Gain Chocolate

NO WEIGHT GAIN CHOCOLATE Eating buckets of chocolate and not putting on one ounce of fat? Not possible! Until today. We have the right to stuff ourselves with food of the cocoa variety and not worry about our expanding waistlines and ever-diminishing attractiveness. In fact, why not give up worrying about a wide girth all together? Now you can, the No Weight Gain chocolate bar is a treat and a half for anyone looking to not only stay slim and beautiful but consume as much junk food as possible in the process. Use this bar incorrectly however and it may lead to a nasty consumption addiction and add an influx of fat to your mid-section! That's not sexy at all, so keep it out of reach of chocoholics.


  • The remedy for fatties
  • For use by authorised confectionaries
  • Get roley poley and be happy about it


  • Ingredients: 100 gms Premium Milk Chocolate/30% cocoa
  • Care instructions: Store in a cool dry place
  • Dimensions: 15.5 (L) x 7.5 (W) x 1 (H) cms