Oil-free Oven Baker Cooker

A new fashion healthy oil-free cooker to make you stand out from the rest of the household! In the shape of the Space Ship, it is a good helper with incredible cooking methods in the kitchen. It can help grill, bake, roast, and any other cooking methods, ensuring comprehensive functions. No or less oil is required during the cooking, so it also saves more effort to do the cleaning. With a digital control panel, setting of time and temperature is easy to understand and handle. It is more convenient to have a better watch with a see-through cover. Get one for your wife, mother or cook friends!

  • Healthy Cooking: Fat & Oil free.
  • Detachable bowl for easy-clean.
  • User friendly digital control panel.
  • Double safety settings, GS-A13 approved.
  • Easy to set time & temp. , then air fryer does all.
  • Visibility through the whole process from all sides.
  • Turbo air & Food rotating ensures even cooking. 3D heating!
  • Multifunctional: Oil less fry, Roast, Bake, BBQ, Grill, Broil, etc.
  • Perfect cooking: Foods become crispy outside, and juicy inside.
  • Patented turbo air guidance from top to bottom. No need to preheat!
  • Quick cooking: Fry chips in 15-20 minutes, Roast 2kgs chicken in 30 minutes.

Accessories: Frying cage, Rotisserie, Dual rack, Tongs, BBQ set, Steamer, Frying pan (spray)


PP & Stainless Steel Coating & Chromed


220-240V, 50/60Hz,1300W .65-250 Celsius

Product Dimension (L x W x H)

37 X 37 X 37 cm

Product Weight

6 kg

Package Size(L x W x H)

43 X 43 X 42.5 cm

Package Weight

8.6 kg

Time Setting

0~60 mins

Temperature Setting


Package Contents 1 x Frying Cage
1 x Rotisserie
1 x Dual Rack
1 x Tongs
1 x BBQ Set
1 x Steamer
1 x Frying Pan (Spray)
1 x Air Fryer
1 x User Manual With Recipes