Olive Oil

Olive Oil
ISBN: 9780804839198
Publication Date: 15 November 2007

Full and fruity, green and tangy, or sweet and golden, olive oil is as varied and complex as wine. Ever since the ancient Romans discovered its properties, olive oil has been used the world over for cooking, medicinal purposes and as a valuable trade commodity. The extraordinary benefits of olive oil continue to be discovered, and in our health-conscious world, the use of olive oil has exploded.

"Olive Oil" is a collection of traditional and contemporary recipes for both the beginner and the experienced cook. Full of practical information about the world of olive oil, this essential book provides more than 40 delicious recipes for incorporating olive oil into your cooking.

About the Author

Tess Mallos has worked as a cooking consultant for over 30 years, developing recipes, writing books and magazine articles, and preparing food for photography and on television. She is the author of The Complete Middle East Cookbook and North African Cooking.