Olobob Top : Make Your Own Olobob Top Home

Olobob Top : Make Your Own Olobob Top Home
ISBN: 9781408897645
Publication Date: 19 April 2018

There are lots of different homes in the wonderful world of

Olobob Top. There are tall ones, small ones, tidy underground ones and bubbly underwater ones. But, every home is missing SOMETHING...

Tib, Lalloo and Bobble need comfy furniture for their tree house, Crunch wants to decorate her home with acorn stickers and Deeno has tidied EVERYTHING away and now his room is empty! Can you find the stickers they need to make them feel at home?

In this creative sticker book from the exciting new CBeebies series, you can build amazing tree houses, dens, shops and forests out of so many stickers. Bring the whole world of

Olobob Top to life with colour and let your imagination free!

Olobob Top is the incredibly successful new animated pre-school TV series that follows Tib, Lalloo and Bobble. There are lots of adventures to be had, but there are often some problems to face along the way. Don't worry, the Olobobs know that the right amount of imagination, inventiveness and creativity can solve anything - from building a new house for a friend, to planning a party to finding something lost. Bloomsbury's

Olobob Top series allows children to extend and explore their own creativity, just like the Olobobs, whether it's by learning new shapes and numbers or creating their own imaginative world.