OMO Laundry Liquid Front & Top Loader 1L


OMO delivers amazing stain removal results from the very first wash! With built-in pre-treaters that target grease, oil, mud, grass, chocolate and more, just one power-packed dose is all you need to leave your garments looking - and smelling - fresh and fabulous.


  • OMO Laundry Liquid 1L
  • Suitable for front & top loaders
  • Delivers up to 20 washes
  • Built-in pre-treaters target:
    • Grease
    • Oil
    • Mud
    • Grass
    • Chocolate
    • Ice cream
  • Recommended by leading machine manufacturers
  • Country of origin: Australia

Safe Storage Advice:

  • Store laundry or dishwashing capsules up high, out of reach and out of sight of children.
  • If stored in lower accessible cabinets/cupboards, these should be secured with child resistant locks.
  • Keep capsules/packets in their original container, fully closed between uses.


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02 August 2020

Good product, works well in washing machine

11 December 2018

Wonderful product ..leaves no residue . Smells good too

11 July 2018

Always a great product - also pretty gentle for sensitive skin

01 June 2018

excellent choice

24 February 2018

Omo is the very best at this price it is unbelievable