ONYX BOOX Max 3 13.3" eReader Fingerprint 5GHz WiFi Black Stylus Max3

Onyx Boox Max3 13.3" E Ink Display (Black)

The Onyx Boox Max3 is the device for reading electronic books with the HDMI monitor function. Max3 has E Ink Mobius Carta of 13.3" screen & is also based on Android 9. ; The Max3 can be the perfect choice for those who often have to read technical or academic literature, for programmers and musicians.

; It is spacious and comfortable for eyes display, powerful processor in combination with 4GB of RAM, and dual-sensor control is the optimal tools for reading DjVu and PDF files.

Its built-in WiFi console allows one to use the device for full Internet surfing and for connecting to net-libraries.

  • Powerful CPU: Octa-core 2.0Ghz Processor offers a high speed and high-rated performance with energy-efficiency of computing.
  • Android 9.0 OS: Boost possibilities of substantial improvement on software features, including app compatibility, display rotation, brand new UI, and more refresh modes.
  • Tablet screen size: Retain 13.3 inch high-resolution flexible E Ink display, a perfect fit for PDF document reading, and also an excellent size foryour everyday tablet.
  • Fingerprint recognition: Increase the security of your personal information. Easily unlock your device.
  • OTG capacity: Mass extended storage can support SD cards, physical mice and keyboards. Plug & Play, do not have to install any driver.
  • Secondary monitor: Eye-friendly monitor features 4 refresh modes that can be used for different situations.