ONYX BOOX Screen Protector for Max3 Max 3

Screen Protector for Onyx Boox Max 3

This screen protector from Onyx Boox is made from scratch resistant, highly transparent PET material and laser cut on state of the art machines. It can easily be attached as well as removed without residue.

Thanks to a special silicone adhesive layer, the film automatically adapts itself and then remains firmly and securely in place and can be still removed without residue. Once its attached, the adhesive-free screen protector does not move. This means no slipping with optimal edge ahesion guaranteed.

  • Long-lasting protection against glare reflections, scratches and dirt. Significantly reduces fingerprint smudgees and dust
  • HD transparency film that ensures maximum resolution
  • Easy to install, removable without residue
  • Compatible with capacitive and inductive touchscreens