Orangemonkie HD Phone Lens Kit LENS-MWF (Includes Macro, Wide and Fisheye Lens)

Introducing the Foldio HD Mobile Lens Kit, a high quality aluminium lens kit for mobile photography. The HD Mobile Lens Kit with Macro, Wide-Angle & Fisheye Lenses from ORANGEMONKIE is a three-pack of lenses that are designed to enhance your mobile photography.

The lenses come with a spring-loaded clip that is made to go over your smartphone or tablet's existing camera lens. You get a macro lens with 10x optical zoom for up-close photos, a wide-angle lens with 110o field of view for capturing more people or scenery in a single shot, and a 175o fisheye lens for a very wide-angle and warped look.

Lens-MWF High quality optical glass Macro / Wide / Fisheye Lens for mobile photographers and videographers

Lens Coating Multi-layer broad band anti-reflection coating to enhance the transparency and contrast.

Material Premium aerospace grade aluminium for high durability

Smartphone HD Lens The 10x Macro, 110o Wide Lens, and 175o Fisheye Lens are perfect for capturing more than you ever could with your naked photo lens. Its high quality optical glass lens allows you to get the best photo quality.

10x Macro Lens
10x M Lens allows you to capture the tiny details of rich textured subjects less than an inch away from the smartphone with low distortion and the sharpest glass imaginable

110o Wide Lens
110o wide W lens allows you to capture wider scenes that your smartphone camera was never before capable of capturing. Get the beautiful photos with this wide angle high-quality glass lens

175o Fish Eye Lens
175o wide F lens allows your smartphone camera to capture more dramatic photos providing a perspective similar to the field of view from a fish's eye.

Lens Case
Stacking the lens case allows you to transport and store the lenses safely and securely.


Magnification Macro: 10x Visual Magnification Macro: 5x
Wide-Angle: 0.5x
Fisheye: 0.51x Field of View (FOV) Wide-Angle: 110o
Fisheye: 175o Elements/Groups Macro: 3 Elements / 2 Groups
Wide-Angle: 4 Elements / 3 Groups
Fisheye: 5 Elements / 4 Groups Distortion Macro: 2%
Wide-Angle: 4.7%
Fisheye: 100% Chromatic Aberration Macro: <0.8%
Wide-Angle: <1%
Fisheye: <0.8% Resolution Macro (Axis): 600 lp/mm
Wide-Angle (Axis): 100 lp/mm
Fisheye (Axis): 150 lp/mm
Macro (Edge): 1000 lp/mm
Wide-Angle (Edge): 300 lp/mm Construction Material Multi-Coated Lanthanide Glass
Aluminum Screw Thread 17 mm Height Macro: 1" / 25 mm
Wide-Angle: 0.8" / 19.8 mm
Fisheye: 0.9" / 22 mm Diameter Macro: 0.7" / 18.5 mm
Wide-Angle: 1.1" / 28 mm
Fisheye: 1.3" / 34 mm Weight Macro: 1.3 oz / 38.0 g
Wide-Angle: 1.6 oz / 44.0 g
Fisheye: 2.0 oz / 58.0 g****Please note: If you are using a large/thick phone case there may be borders visible in your photos when using the lens. If this is the case, it's recommended to use the lens without a smartphone case then replace when no longer using.**

Orangemonkie HD Phone Lens Kit LENS-MWF (Includes Macro, Wide and Fisheye Lens)

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