Organic Coffee - Woodford Blend (Beans) 250g

Woodford Blend - Whole Beans

Whole Beans - 250g

An Espresso blend with an intense flavour that offers viscosity, length and mouth feel. The delivery of exotic spices layered deep within the cup, are hidden jewels which add true complexity and curiosity. Getting out of bed is that little bit easier when youre headed to Woodford.

Tasting Notes

Big body. Low acidity. Ripe cherries, clove and nutmeg, and a malty molasses finish.


The Woodford blend contains coffee from these origins.

  • Papua New Guinea - Eastern Highlands Province, Purosa
  • Ethiopia - Oromia, Limou

Montville Coffee are conscious of how their choices impact the individuals and communities they interact with. Since establishing themselves as the first Certified Fairtrade and Organic coffee roaster in Queensland, their story of innovation and entrepreneurship has been driven by their desire for social and environmental justice.

**Size:**250g Bag

Ingredients: Certified Organic Coffee Beans from PNG and Ethiopia Limou.