Organic Green Tea & San Qi Scar Oil 25mL

Organic Acne Scar Serum

Also Suitable For Other Types of Scarring

Regenerate and heal scarred skin the natural way, with White Lotus Acne Scar Serum. Despite its most common use: to improve the appearance ofacne scars, the serum can benefit all manner of scarring including surgical scars and chicken pox scars. The ingredients also make it suitable for improving the appearance of stretch marks, cellulite and pigmentation.Safe to use to enhance the results of skin needling or by itself to rejuvenate the skin

Consisting of onlynaturalingredients, the formulation is made from100% organic Green Tea oil, which has been infused with a unique blend ofblood circulation promoting****Chinese herbs.

We promise**youwill never find a single preservative, additive or synthetic ingredient in our beauty serums.

Green Tea's ability toregenerateskin cells and reduce redness and inflammation of the skin isscientifically provenand the Chinese herbs which have been added to it support the healing process, identified centuries ago in China for their ability tostimulate blood flow(1).

The serum is easily absorbed andnon-oily(which is why it is an ideal acne scar serum for those prone to spots) and the properties of the serum enable it to double-up as an effective anti aging treatment.

To improve your****scar reduction results, we recommend you use the acne scar serum as a skin preparation prior toskin needling, see:Lotus Roller(also known as Skin Needling Roller),DermastampandScar Pack.

The serum’s ideal for this, because as well as actively aiding skin repair, since it is formulated using only natural ingredients, it is safe for use when skin’s natural absorbency level has been enhanced as a result of using a dermaroller or dermastamp.

***Caution:***Tests have shownsyntheticVitamin A as potentially toxic if absorbed by the liver, we therefore urge you to be wary of using scar cream or scar serum which advertises Vitamin A as a benefit when skin needling.

White Lotus:

Expert Advisor to the BABTAC beauty association and the international cosmetic industry.

Author of Internationally best selling book and DVD ‘Holistic Microneedling’.

The unique techniques developed in Australia in the first specialist skin needling clinic in the southern hemisphere


  • ****Rejuvenation:****Green Tea is scientifically proven to rejuvenate skin cells and therefore ideal for aiding the repair of scarred skin (1)
  • ****Purity:****Our beauty serums contain 100% natural ingredients consisting of potent Chinese herbs infused in organic Green Tea oil
  • ****Safe:****Skin’s increased absorption level due to skin needling makes some brand’s synthetic ingredients toxic
  • ****Targeted:****In our small, yet targeted skincare range each beauty serum’s formulated specifically for its goal
  • ****Key:****Unlike other brands, the key ingredient is always the main ingredient in our beauty serums, including our acne scar serum
  1. Pajonk, F., Riedisser, A., Henke, M., McBride, W. H. & Fiebich, B. (2006). The effects of tea extracts on proin ammatory signalling. BMC Med. Dec 1,4,28.

Organic Green Tea & San Qi Scar Oil 25mL


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Marketplace - Leaves warehouse in 1 business day
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