Organic Wild Vitamin C Natural Wholefood Powder 150g Antioxidant Immune Booster


Our acerola concentrate is unlike anything Australia has seen. Rich, deep orange color and silky smooth, not gritty or grainy. Fresh raw ;certified organic acerola berries ;are soaked in water, then the remaining water is simmered down to a syrup. That syrup is then dehydrated at low temperatures and powdered. This process maximizes the vitamin C content and Brix degree while preserving the full spectrum of vitamins and minerals of the fruit.

There is a lot of cheap, poor quality acai and maqui berry powders on the market today that doesn’t mix well or don’t taste good. Even some of the most recognized and reputable companies are going for the “cheaper options” such as spray dried, which is disappointing. When we bring out a product, we always try to find the best, but using the best usually means the most expensive. Our ;certified organic, raw acai and maqui ;were the best we could find.

Camu camu and Gubinge are of high quality ;as well. Some Camu Camu can taste bitter and be very light in color. Even maltodextrin as a filler can be used so be careful buying cheaper variants. Our Camu Camu and Gubinge taste super sweet on their own. Delicious.

Goji berry powder ;is made from fresh goji berries, dried at low temperatures and powdered. Certified organic as always and really sweet.

Parsley and coriander ;are added to ;alkalize ;this vitamin C superfood formula. A lot of people use vitamin C during detoxification, especially heavy metals. Coriander is known to draw heavy metals out of the bloodstream. Both parsley and coriander give this formula a grounding feel and taste. They are both also naturally high in vitamin C but also help to buffer the product.


Wild foods are naturally higher in nutrient content than farmed hybrids due to the conditions in which they grow. ;Eden Healthfoods Wild C ;is a truly natural and bioavailable, non-toxic vitamin C complex derived from a combination of certified organic wild berries and greens with naturally occurring high vitamin C content. It does NOT contain isolated vitamin C as this has shown not to be the most effective way to utilize vitamin C. ;Wild C ;contains vitamin C naturally occurring in its WHOLE state, with its necessary co-factors like bioflavonoids, and other vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients. It's non-toxic, even in large doses and does not cause nutrient imbalances.

All the ingredients in ;Wild C ;are high in natural vitamin C content. Each serving size of 1 teaspoon or 3g contains 312mg of totally natural vitamin C which is approximately 5 times the recommended daily intake (RDI). Studies show that consuming 37mg of natural vitamin C is the equivalent of consuming 1000mg of isolated vitamin C. That means 1 serve of Wild C will be the equivalent of consuming ;over 6000mg ;of isolated vitamin C.


Vitamin C Blend 2.67g:

Goji Berry*, Acerola Cherry*, Rosehips*, Pure Camu Camu*, Gubinge (Kakadu Plum)+

Antioxidant Blend 0.3g:

Acai Berry*, Maqui Berry*

Alkalising pH Buffer Blend 0.03g:

Coriander Leaf*, Parsley Leaf*

*Certified Organic +Wildcrafted

Each teaspoon (3g) of ;Wild C ;provides 312mg of 5x the RDI of naturally occurring, truly natural, bioavailable, non-toxic, non-isolated vitamin C.


Organic Wild Vitamin C Natural Wholefood Powder 150g Antioxidant Immune Booster

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Marketplace - Leaves warehouse in 10 business days
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