Palermo Single Size Wall Bed Diamond Edition

Bring new life and purpose to your spare room! This great single size wall bed can turn your home office into a guest bedroom in seconds.

What a waste to take up all the space in your extra room with a double or single-sized bed! At least fifty percent of your room is taken up all year by an object that will be used only a handful of times.

Installing one of our fantastic wall beds is the solution. It will allow you to use the space as a game room, workout room, library or home office. When you have an overnight guest, there is no scrambling to rejigger the space into a guest bedroom. You just open the attractive cabinet and pull your guest’s bed into place in one motion. Your guest will enjoy a great night’s sleep!

This amazing Wall Bed bed is versatile and not limited to just extra bedrooms. It can be strategically placed in a large hall, the living room or the study. The bed stays neatly tucked away in the stylish cabinet until you need it. ;

This Palermo Single Sized Wall Bed is extremly sturdy and weights approximately 114KG (excluding mattress). Be sure to do your research to ensure you dont purchase a similar looking model (e.g. other online sellers having ones that weight approx 130kg including mattress) that doesnt live up to Palermo's quality. ;

Order this fabulous wall bed to turn your extra room into an extra-special room!


  • Steel construction with powder coated finish in black.
  • High quality slats
  • Front bed leg doubles as mattress holder when closed
  • Easy lifting thanks to pneumatic pistons
  • Legs automatically fold away when bed is lifted. ;
  • Superior Safety of the slow fall function when the bed is being opened.


  • Fits Australian Sized Single Mattress (not included)
  • Main steel size: 25*50*1.2mm
  • The height from the surface of the bed frame to the floor: 28cm
  • Pressure rating of pistons: 75kg
  • Static loading capacity: 250kg
  • Maximum mattress height: 20cm
  • Closed cabinet external dimensions: 105.1cm (W) x 197.4cm (H) x 40cm (D) ;
  • Weight: approximately 114kg (excluding mattress)
  • Requires assembly and comes with complete manual and accessories needed
  • Packaged into 5 cartons:
  1. Carton 1 of 5: ;195 x 30 x 12cm / 25kg
  2. Carton 2 of 5: ;59 x 30 x 13cm / ; 6.7kg
  3. Carton 3 of 5: ;200 x 50 x 10cm / 30kg
  4. Carton 4 of 5: 115 x 50 x 10cm / 18kg
  5. Carton 5 of 5: ;200 x 110 x 9cm / 48kg

NB: Mattress / Pillows etc are NOT included