Panasonic - SD-ZB2512 - Automatic Bread Maker

Explore the Panasonic SD-ZB2512

Turn your kitchen bench into an artisan bakery with this clever bread maker featuring a unique temperature sensor, automatic ingredients dispenser, plus new modes to create jams, compotes, rustic sourdough bread, artisan bread and scones at home using all of your favourite recipes.

Temperature Sensor

Enjoy perfect baking results every time, thanks to the ambient temperature sensor which measures room temperatures throughout the baking process. This sensor then makes the necessary adjustments to the program to ensure consistent results regardless of the external temperature.

Ingredients Dispenser

The SD-ZB2512 bread maker features a dispenser for adding yeast at the optimal time and a removable (and washable) fruit and nut dispenser to distribute ingredients at just the right point in the baking process.

Multiple Modes

In addition to the standard white bread, rye bread, French bread and pizza dough modes, the SD-ZB2512 bread maker offers exciting new baking modes.

Jam and Compote Mode

Make the bread and the spread! Your freshly-baked bread will taste even better when topped with a homemade jam or compote made with this clever bread maker. In the operating instructions you ll even find 14 delicious jam and compote recipes to get you started.

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